Secret Litter

On the 27th of November 2012 we welcomed our first litter at Lumottu Kennels. Seven lovely puppies were born between our girl Alera (Ch Janoby Ever so Wild) and Janoby Kennel's boy Larry (Ch. Watersedge Secret Agent).

Four boys were born two Black/Tan and White and two Cream. Three girls were also born two Black/Tan and White and one Domino.


All the Pups together at 2 weeks old. From left to right Green Boy, White Girl, Red Girl, Gold Boy, Orange Boy, Blue Boy and Purple Girl


Pups at 3 Weeks Purple Girl, Blue Boy, White Girl, Green Boy, Orange Boy, Gold Boy, Red Boy.

Pups at 4 weeks Orange Green Red Purple Gold White Blue


Pups at Week 5: White Purple Green Blue Orange Red Gold


Pups at 8 Weeks old: White, Blue, Orange, Gold, Purple, Red and Green

Blue Boy

Lumottu Secret Identity (Ari)

Blue Boy Newborn

Newborn                                                                  Week 1                                               Week 2



Week 3                                               Week 4                                        Week 5

Week 6                                                               Week 7                              Week 8

Purple Girl

Lumottu Secret Explorer (Tahoe)

Newborn                                                                 Week 1                                                  Week 2


Week 3                                                                Week 4                                         Week 5

Week 6                                                                 Week 7                             Week 8

Orange Boy

Lumottu Top Secret (Dexter)


Newborn                                                                   Week  1                                                Week 2


Week 3                                                                         Week 4                                             Week 5


Week 6                                                                Week 7                               Week 8

Red Girl

Lumottu Victorias Secret (Bliss)

Newborn                                                                Week 1                                                   Week 2


Week 3                                                                 Week 4                      Week 5

Week 6                                                                   Week 7                            Week 8


White Girl

Lumottu Wild Secret (Nemesis)

Newborn                                                              Week 1                                                   Week 2


Week 3                                                               Week 4                            Week 5

Week 6                                                                  Week 7                            Week 8                            

Green Boy

Lumottu Secret Keeper (Indiana)


Newborn                                                                        Week 1                                             Week 2


Week 3                                                            Week 4                              Week 5

Week  6                                                             Week 7                                   Week 8

Gold Boy

Lumottu Secret Santa (Rex)


Newborn                                                                    Week 1                                              Week 2


Week 3                                                            Week 4                           Week 5

Week 6                                                              Week 7                                  Week 8


Litter Pedigree


Sire: Ch. Watersedge Secret Agent S: Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleski (IID FIN)
S: FNL. LTU. Ch. Fidelis Alias Amicus (FNL)
D: Aust. Ch. Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FNL)
D: Ch. Janoby All About Aura
S: Grand Ch. Brambleway Aku
D: Ch. Theldaroy Wild About Me
Dam: Ch. Janoby Ever so Wild
S: Ch. Theldaroy The Wild One
S: Grand Ch. Staalon Bestseller (IMP FIN)
D: Ch. Tositouhun Eve Example (IMP FIN)
D : Ch. Janoby Been Looking Foru S: Supreme Grand Ch. Lapinlumon Mundus ET (IMP FIN)
D: Ch. Theldaroy Wild About Me